• What's up in Duke of Edinburgh ?

    WELCOME to all Duke of Edders. We have lots of newbies,whether it is starting Bronze, Silver or Gold, which is great! We hope you gain fun and fulfilment from the challenge of this award. It is definitely worth it!

    Call into see Ms Fowler in 405 or the English office
    Email fwr@cghs.school.nz or wtb@cghs.school.nz

    If you have completed an Expedition remember to:
    1. email your report (and selected photos) to Chris Allan and Ms Fowler
    2. bring in your books for signing off 
    (see the details in the report section below)

    Remember to take your book to your Physical Activity, Skill  and Service as soon as you finish for signing. (It is a pain to have to track down the person later)

    Call into see Ms Fowler in 405 or the English office
    Email fwr@cghs.school.nz or wtb@cghs.school.nz or hzs@cghs.schol.nz


  • Q & A

    This is our spot to share news and questions.

  • Expedition Reports

    A brief report is fine - 300-350 words. Include where you went, when, with who, terrain, food, weather, memorable moments, challenging & rewarding aspects, what you learnt. Add some photos and email it to fwr@cghs.school.nz and to joshuafoundation@clear.net.nz.
    Remember to get your record book signed!

    • Photos

      We need your help! This is where it would be great to have more of your photos to browse - your expeditions and also you in action doing your service, skill or physical activity. Send them by email or bring them on a stick.
      Check these out! Rebecca Welsh at the Gold Award ceremony, 2016 PLUS various expeditions

    • The official website

      This is a great site to browse for facts and details - plus ideas and inspiration

    • Registration Forms

      Download, print and fill in 2 forms to start your Duke of Edinburgh.
      Return the forms with the payment  of $37.50 in an envelope to the red desk.
      You can start counting your activities as soon as these are in.
      Your record book will arrive soon :)