Topic outline

  • CGHS Zone

    From Papanui Road, west along both sides of Normans Road to Strowan Road. Both sides of Jeffreys Road from Wairakei Road to Idris Road.  Along the east side of Idris Road to Glandovey Road, then along the south side of Glandovey Road to Fendalton Road.  Along the south side of Fendalton Road to Clyde Road.  Along the east side of Clyde Road to Riccarton Road.  Along the north side of Riccarton Road to Matipo Street.  Along the east side of Matipo Street to Blenheim Road.  On both sides of Blenheim Road to Hagley Park.  From Blenheim Road, on both sides of Deans Avenue to Riccarton Avenue. Through Hagley Park via Riccarton Avenue and on both sides of Riccarton Avenue to Christchurch Hospital.  Along both sides of Tuam Street to Durham Street, left into Durham Street round Cambridge Terrace, to Gloucester Street, across Gloucester Street and into Durham Street.  On both sides of Durham Street to Kilmore Street.  Along the north side of Kilmore Street to Colombo Street.  Along the west side of Colombo Street to Edgeware Road. Both sides of Edgeware Road to Trafalgar Street.  Along both sides of Trafalgar Street to St Albans Street. West on both sides of St Albans Street to Papanui Road.  Both sides of Papanui Road to Normans Road.