The PTA administers the second hand uniform shop as a service to families and as a fundraising venture for the benefit of the school. Dates of Uniform Sales and Receiving days will be advertised primarily on the PTA Facebook page CGHS PTA, https://www.facebook.com/CghsPta/  but also in the school newsletter and on the school website.

    Selling on behalf - 30% of the sale goes to the PTA. Click here for selling instructions.  We currently need Junior Blazers, Junior shirts and skirts, Ties, Kilts and long sleeve blouses, Cardigans and scarves.

    Blazers, kilts and ties must be dry cleaned please. All items must be in good condition, no rips, heavily stained blouses, no mending needed. 

    For more information contact ptashop@cghs.school.nz or click on the uniform link on this page.

    Thank you for supporting your PTA. See you there!


    • About Us

      The Christchurch Girls' High School PTA would like to extend a very warm welcome to the school community.

      The PTA is active in providing a link between staff, parents and the Board of Trustees.

      While the bulk of our funds are received from your PTA donation we do organize fundraising events throughout the school year. All funds received are used to support your daughter’s school activities inside and outside the classroom. In the past funds have been used for projects like the Lunchroom upgrade, providing outdoor seating.  In addition the PTA runs the popular second-hand uniform sales.

      The PTA meets monthly and it is a great time to meet other parents and get to know them.

      We invite you to join us at our meetings and you can be assured of a very warm welcome.

      Clair Norris PTA President,
      email us: pta@cghs.school.nz

      How we operate

      The CGHS PTA is an incorporated society and is registered with the New Zealand Companies Office. 

      In March each year the AGM (Annual General Meeting) is held where the executive officers are voted in for the current year, and the previous final financial report, along with any changes to the constitution are approved. 

      Approximately 10 meetings are held each year. 

      Committee structure     

      The key elements of the structure of the PTA association are the:

      • Constitution (governing document)
      • Members
      • Executive Committee 


      This is a document by which the PTA is governed and describes:

      • The aims of the association and its powers
      • Its membership
      • The size of the committee and how members are elected
      • The need for an annual review and annual general meeting 

      Click here to view the PTA’s Constitution and Rules

      Click here to view the PTA's Finance Policy 

      • PTA Meetings and Minutes

        PTA Meetings 2017:

        Tuesday 7 February - click here for the minutes  
        Monday 3 April -  click here for the minutes 
        Monday 8 May - click here for the minutes  
        Monday 12 June - click here for the minutes 
        Monday 3 July - click here for the minutes
        Monday 14 August - click here for the minutes 
        Monday 11 September - 
        PTA Meetings 2016:
        Saturday 2 April - Click here for the minutes Monday 1 August - Click here for the minutes
        Wednesday 4 May - Click here for the minutes Monday 5 September - Click here for the minutes
        Tuesday 7 June - Click here for the minutes Tuesday 11 OctoberClick here for the minutes
        Monday 4 July - Click here for the minutes Monday 7 November - Click here for the minutes 


      • School Uniform Sales


        Thank you for continuing to support the secondhand uniform sales. The PTA sees this as a valuable service that provides good quality clothing at reasonable prices. We have a good range of sizes in all summer and winter uniforms. There are frequent sales, usually the last Monday of each month. 70% of the uniform selling price is returned to the seller with the remaining 30% used to benefit the school. Garments may also be donated.

        The secondhand uniform sales shop is located in L3 at school. Click here for a map. Payment is by cash or cheque only.

        Click here for selling instructions and Terms and Conditions.  

        If you require the PTA to sell your uniform on behalf of you - Blazers, kilts and ties must be dry cleaned please. All items must be in good condition, no rips, heavily stained blouses, no mending needed. Please label each item of clothing with your details (name, phone number, account number).

        Thank you for supporting your PTA. See you there!

        The shop is only open on sale days and will not be opened for one-off requests. Payment is by cash, cheque or Eftpos.  Any enquiries please: 


        Visit our Facebook page for more information by clicking on the link in red below:

        CGHS PTA

      • Fundraising

        The PTA runs two types of activities; community activities and fundraising activities.

        Community activities primary purpose is to support the school community. PTA funds and volunteers’ time are used to run or reduce costs to individuals; e.g. Year 9 Parents Evening, Study Skill Sessions, Teacher/Parent Interviews, Dads & Daughters Breakfast.

        Fundraising activities enable the PTA to make a profit which is then used later, either to support a community activity or purchase supplies for the school; e.g. Computers and heat pumps.Activities include social events, selling products and second-hand uniforms. 

        If you have an idea or would like to help we would love to hear from you: pta@cghs.school.nz

        Click here for the current fundraisers!