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  • BYOD at CGHS

    The purpose of this page is to provide a platform for staff to discover, share and experiment the effective use of e-Learning in their classes. 

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    • What are we doing?

      CGHS has committed to trialing BYOD in 2014-2015 and now has brought it in across Y9 classes in 2016. This means that Y9 students are encouraged to bring devices that they own which can be used to access the internet via the school's wireless internet platform to support their learning.  

      Y9 students are actively encouraged to bring their own device to class each day, to be used, as required, in any class. Students and parents could expect that these devices will be used meaningfully in most classes.

      Students at other year levels in the school can also bring their devices but are not compelled to do so. There are many possible advantages for our students including: 

      1. Preparation for future digitalised NZQA assessment, as well as tertiary study and the work environment; both of which are increasingly digital dependent 
      2. There are increased opportunities for collaborative learning if more students have access to the range of collaborative tools found on the internet
      3. It increases access to a huge range of electronic resources, which help enhance learning
      4. Students with their own device find it a natural progression of our e-Learning strategies, tying in with Onstream
      5. There are a number of pedagogical benefits: the NZ Curriculum specifically references the value of e-Learning and international research has shown the benefits of e-Learning for students 
      6. Many students exist in a largely “digital world” outside of school, but school has often been a non-digital world. This programme has potential to increase student engagement in learning as they use the tools and platforms they are familiar with to facilitate their learning
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        • What are we aiming to achieve?

        • What are other schools doing?

          This is a collection of stories that teachers have contributed outlining successes they have had with e-Learning in their classrooms in 2013. It is a collaborative work in progress so check occasionally to see what has been added! 

          • Developing your Virtual Professional Learning Network