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  • Athletics Programme 2018

    CGHS Athletics Day                                                                at Burnside High School  20th February 

    Canterbury Secondary School Championships - Preliminary   at Rawhiti Domain             13th March  (15th Reserve day)

    Canterbury Secondary School Championships - Finals           at Rawhiti Domain              17th March

    South Island Track and Field Championships                         at Timaru                           23rd - 25th March 

    Check the Athletics sports notice board and Listen to notices each day for meetings. 

    See Mrs Boyd (306), Mrs Burson (gym) or Anastassi Naylor (senior leader) if you have any questions.



  • Christchurch Girls' High Sports Sox

  • Athletic Sports Results 2015

    Click here to read the full report on our school's Athletic Day held February 10th, 2015

    • Athletics Champions' Cups 2015

      Click here for the Athletics cup winners

      • Colours

        Applying for colours is 100% the athletes responsibility. 

        You can pick up a form from the PE office at any time there is a staff member present.

        Collate all your data and then ask the supervising teacher  (Mrs Boyd or Mrs Burson in 2016) to sign the performance, criteria or achievement. 

        Then hand the form into Mrs O'Connor.(in 2016) Make sure it is in before the due date as no extensions are accepted.

        The Performance Criteria for Merit, Gold Colours and Full Colours in Athletics is attached. 

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