• Welcome to your Prefect Team of 2018

    Meet your 2018 Prefects and read a bit about each of them.

    • Head Girl - Sophie Bowden

      I’m Sophie and this year I am absolutely thrilled to be running an amazing Prefect Team, with the help of Helen and Alice. We have an awesome group of prefects who are all ready to bring in loads of school spirit and make your time here at CGHS one to remember! My role in the school involves leading both the Prefect Team, and the Student Council while also working with our Principal, Mrs Duthie and the Senior Leadership Team to make CGHS the best it can be. I am looking forward to making a positive difference in our school and hopefully promoting school spirit even more through some great new initiatives.



      • Deputy Head Girl - Helen O'Connor


        Hi everyone! I’m Helen and I am very excited to be your Deputy Head Girl. My role is to support and assist Sophie, and the rest of the Prefect Team throughout the year. I aim to ensure that 2019 is a year full of positivity, growth and school spirit for CGHS, and to create an enjoyable and welcoming environment for all. I am looking forward to leading you all and can’t wait to get the ball rolling :)

        • Acland Head Girl - Alice Ridgen

           This year I am very proud to be Head of Acland House. I will be representing Acland House and help create an enjoyable and comfortable environment for all Acland students. My role is to connect with staff and students to make sure that they feel comfortable and happy. I will be working with Ms Guillemot, the director of boarding, and will be leading with the Acland Prefect Team. I’m also working alongside Sophie and Helen, which I’m really looking forward to and we are all really excited for this year. I will be a voice for all of the Acland students while bringing new ideas forward and embracing our traditions.

          • Connon House - Julia Coppens

            My name is Julia Coppens and I am super excited to be leading Connon House this year! My role is to ensure that every Connon girl gets involved and embraces all aspects of school spirit from Athletics Day to Lipsync. In 2019 I would love to create a more enthusiastic and encouraging environment at House Events. These provide an awesome opportunity to meet new students from across all different year levels. I urge everyone to make the most of this year, get involved with every event and wear white with pride. GO CONNON!!

            • Deans House - Shana Ali

              Hi everyone! My name’s Shana and I am honoured to be your School Spirit Prefect for Deans in 2019. This year it is my job to encourage everyone in my house to get involved with all of the inter house competitions at this school, especially events such as Lip Sync and Athletics Day. I would love to get the best out of you girls by creating a crazy, fun and competitive environment that is comfortable and is enjoyed by all year levels across the house. We all love to have fun so why don’t we all have fun together and make the most out of 2019 and represent the mighty yellow, DEAN'S HOUSE!



              • Harper House - Emma Hartnell

                Hi, I’m Emma Hartnell and my role as Harper Prefect this year is to lead Harper in high spirits, boost participation and encourage girls to immerse themselves in the numerous inter-house competitions.

                These include but are not limited to Swimming Sports, Athletics Day and Lipsync. I aim to continue a fun, enjoyable and competitive spirit that Harper is reputed for and create a cohesive bond between all year groups. I’m looking forward to getting the ball rolling and ensuring everyone in Harper House has an enjoyable year while encouraging our girls to be proud and get into the spirit of what it means to be a Harper Girl!

                • Rolleston House - Harriet Murray

                  Hi there, my name is Harriet Murray and I am your Rolleston House Prefect for what I hope to be an awfully fun and jam-packed 2019. My role is to not only motivate and lead Rolleston girls but to also provide ample opportunities for the girls to participate and flourish in much- anticipated events such as Athletics and Lipsync. Rolleston House has many goals lined up this year, the key one being increased participation and spirit. By forming a little healthy competition with rival houses Rolleston will slowly yet surely become an established podium finisher.

                  • Selwyn House - Jessica Anderson

                    Hi everyone, for 2019 I am extremely excited to be your Selwyn House Prefect. My role is to promote House Spirit and encourage you all to get involved in the many inter-house competitions including Athletics Day and Lipsync. I want there to be more of a connection and friendship between year levels within our house to make being a part of Selwyn even more of a positive experience. I, alongside my committee will endeavour to make Selwyn House the very best for 2019.

                    • Sheppard House - Minnie Robberds

                      Hello :) I am super excited to be the head of Sheppard House this year. I hope through my role I can encourage every student in Sheppard to get involved in house events. I believe being involved in these events is a great opportunity to befriend new people, immerse yourself within the school culture and most of all just have fun. I want to increase the spirit of Sheppard House and overall make people want to be more involved in their house at CGHS.


                      • International - Ryoka Miyake

                        My responsibility as International Prefect 2019 is to support new International Students, make them feel comfortable and enjoy their student lives at Christchurch Girls’ High School. I will also be organising international events around school such as the International Food Day and the International Week with students, so everyone will be able to experience different cultures and know each other even better! My goal in 2019 is to make everyone happy about their stays in Christchurch Girls’ High School/Te Kura o Hine Waiora. Thank you.



                        • Student Liaison - Charlotte Knight

                          Emily Shaw and I have the role of 2019 Student Liaisons. Our focus this year is to provide Year 9’s and other new students with the most welcoming and comfortable environment to begin their high school journey. We plan to be approachable, reliable and act as role models for our new students in efforts to make them feel right at home here at CGHS!!

                          • Student Liaison - Emily Shaw

                            Charlotte Knight and I were chosen to be 2019’s Student Liaison Prefects. This mainly focuses on ensuring that all the Year 9’s and new students transition as smoothly as possible as they adjust to life at CGHS. We believe that in order for everyone to get the best experience possible at school, we must be friendly and easy to talk to, so I intend on making myself as approachable as I can!


                            • Pasifika - Mele Peseta

                              This year I'm extremely excited to take on the role of Pasifika Prefect. My role is to encourage and inspire all girls of different ethnicities to join the Pasifika community and build a strong bond. Whether it may be facing new challenges, wanting to know more about the Pasifika cultures or being involved in Polyfest, the purpose is facing them together as a team. My aim for this year is to create a positive change within the School to express and develop the passion of the Pasifika cultures by raising the awareness of the language weeks. I intend to support CGHS students in any way I can, so everyone feels welcomed and a part of a group.


                              • Whanau - Aaria Rolleston

                                Kia ora tātou, it is with pride that I embrace the role of Whānau Prefect for 2019. I believe in the importance of Māori students succeeding as Māori and I see my role as contributing to this happening at CGHS - Te Kura o Hine Waiora. I aim to support the growth of the whānau group and advocate for initiatives that will encourage whakawhanaungatanga – relationship building within our school.


                                • Charities - Nina Tudehope

                                  This year Rosie and I would like to create new opportunities as Charities Prefects and work hard to make a difference for our chosen Charities. We would love to get as many girls interested and involved as possible in voluntary work to help others in need. We have some exciting ideas for 2019, which we hope will benefit not only the girls but others in the wider community.

                                  • Charities - Rosemary Walbom

                                    I am excited to be working alongside Nina as one of CGHS’s two charities prefects for this year. 2019 is going to be a super year for Charities, with heaps of chances for all year groups to be involved with our various volunteering opportunities and events. I look forward to contributing to the charitable culture of Christchurch Girls’ High and hope that everyone will take the chance to give back to those in need this year!



                                    • IT - Rhiannon Hewett

                                      This year, my focus as IT Prefect will be to encourage an approachable and collaborative technical support community in all areas across the school. Whether involved in providing digital solutions to peers or staff, facilitating the use of sound and lighting technologies in our performing arts facilities or developing online IT help services, I hope to give students a safe and supportive environment to develop their technical skills while providing an accessible service to staff and students alike


                                      • Service - Paris Andrews

                                        This year, I will be taking on the role of Service Prefect. As part of this role I will be organising the Year 13 Teacher Assistant’s Programme which will help to encourage positive relations between staff and students and be an opportunity for Year 13 students to gain Service Colours. I’ll also carry out other tasks to serve these purposes, such as working with the Academic Prefects on the Reader Writer Programme. And of course, as part of my duty as a prefect and Year 13 student I will work to hype up School and House Spirit and enthusiasm in contributing to all areas of the school, which I am very excited about.

                                        • Academic - Lauren Young

                                          Hi, my name is Lauren, and this year I am very excited to take on the role of Academic Prefect alongside Millie. I hope that we will be able to help make 2019 an academically successful year for everyone, by encouraging and supporting students to give 100% towards their education. Our roles this year include organising Peer Tutoring, running the Academic Committee, and promoting academic enjoyment and excellence. If you have any questions, issues or suggestions, Millie and I are always happy to help!


                                          • Academic - Millie Edwards

                                            Along with Lauren, as Academic Prefect this year we aim to challenge girls academically while still introducing an aspect of enjoyment. Our role involves setting up an Academic Committee and providing students with Peer Tutors. As well as this we will be encouraging students throughout the school to strive for academic excellence, while still enjoying their schoolwork. We have many new ideas that we hope to introduce this year to promote academic achievement throughout all year groups.



                                            • Cultural - Hannah Wotherspoon

                                              Hi girls, I’m super excited to be the Cultural Prefect for 2019! My role involves creating a fun and dynamic environment for our drama, art and music departments. I have heaps of new, inclusive and exciting ideas and events to be a part of this year. My aim for 2019 is to make the cultural aspect of CGHS a vibrant, action-packed and awesome scene for everyone. Let’s make it the best year yet!


                                              • Environment - Eva Watson

                                                In 2019 my leadership role at CGHS is Environment Prefect. During the year I will form a school Environmental Group that will work as one to improve the school’s awareness of environmental issues in our society, and to physically improve our own learning environment at school including litter actions, sustainable product use and providing a cleaner and green work space for each other. I am extremely excited to educate students on how our everyday actions can have great effects on our planet and to encourage small and easy changes that can have a considerable impact.



                                                • Publicity - Emma Adams

                                                  Hi, my name is Emma and this year I am excited to announce that I am Publicity prefect! This role is about communication and being able to inform students, staff and the wider CGHS community about events, achievements and other cool happenings within our school.

                                                  This year I am looking forward to improving communication throughout our school to effectively celebrate and advertise school life. This means I will be involved in many school events capturing and publicising them so they can be easily accessed and seen by everyone.

                                                  • Sport - Alice Dalzell

                                                    Working alongside Violet Eaton, my role for 2019 is Sports Prefect. Our goal this year is to increase the use of social media within CGHS sport by creating a sports media page where all games can be available to watch for all CGHS students therefore encouraging more support for all form of sports. By gaining this role it is our responsibility to ensure that more girls are activity involved in some form of sport whether it may be social or competitive. We would like to see more improvement in CGHS sport by emphasising School Spirit in all events from Athletics Day, and Swimming Sports which will uplift the sporting culture in CGHS. I look forward to putting my words to work with violet to ensure all students have an enjoyable year and to enjoy what CGHS sport has to offer.

                                                    • Sport - Violet Eaton

                                                      Alongside Alice Dalzell, I am one of this year’s sporting prefects. It is our responsibility to encourage involvement with school sport, both socially and competitively as well as to continue raising the profile of CGHS Sport. This year we are looking to improve the support and spirit behind our sporting teams by publicising games on various media pages. This will allow more recognition for all athletes sporting achievements as well as allowing the CGHS community access to all results and knowledge of what each team is up to. I am very excited about what lies ahead for CGHS Sport as well as seeing you all get involved and having fun!