• Welcome to your Prefect Team of 2018

    Meet your 2018 Prefects and read a bit about each of them.

    • Head Girl - Stephanie Lester

      I am very excited to be leading the Prefect Team this year, alongside June and Nadia. We have an outstanding group of prefects who are dedicated to making your time at Christchurch Girls’ High School / Te Kura o Hine Waiora exciting and memorable. As well as leading the Prefect Team and Student Council, my role involves liaising with our Principal, Mrs Duthie and the Senior Leadership Team, with the aim of promoting school spirit. My aim for this year is to bring new initiatives to the school which will bring about positive change in all areas of the school.


      • Deputy Head Girl - June Mathenge

         Hi my name is June and for 2018 I will be Deputy Head Girl of CGHS. My roles in the school will be to assist the School Administration, Head Girl, and the Prefect Team. I will also be working together with Steph to lead the Prefect Team through a successful year of creating a wonderful experience in the school for all year groups.

        • Acland Head Girl - Nadia Schikker

           This year I am proud to be Head of Acland House. My role is to represent Acland House and connect with both staff and students to create the best environment possible for girls to feel as though they have a safe and enjoyable home away from home. I also lead the Acland Prefect Team and work alongside Ms Guillemot to organise events such as the compulsory weekend in, themed dinners and group outings. Along with these I want to uphold the reputation of boarding at CGHS and be the voice of the Acland students while embodying our traditions and bringing fresh ideas forward.

          • Connon House - Anna Coppens

            My name is Anna and I’m really excited to be the Connon House Prefect for 2018. This includes promoting House spirit, running the Connon House Committee and helping to boost involvement in House events throughout the year. Participating in House activities is a great way to meet new people of all year levels and have lots of fun. So, for 2018 I challenge every Connon member to get involved with activities such as Athletics and Lip-sync and really get into the spirit of what it means to be both a Connon and CGHS girl! 

            • Deans House - Leilani Wilcox-Nanai

              Hi guys! I’m Deans Prefect this year which means that I’m going to ensure that every single one of you in my house are going to get involved with what you are comfortable with. It’s important that we all try new things and get into Lip-sync and Athletics Day because this is how you will enjoy your time at high school most. If you are in Deans House I hope you are planning to dress up into crazy costumes that will make you stand out, and that you are up for some crazy dance moves in Lip-sync. Let’s all make the most out of this year together and most importantly have fun.

              • Harper House - Lucinda Hutchinson

                Hi, I’m Lucinda Hutchinson and my role as Harper Prefect this year is to lead Harper House in high spirits, and encourage everyone to get involved with the numerous inter-house competitions we have throughout the year, such as Lip-sync and Athletics Day, whilst creating an enjoyable, competitive, fun team spirit within our house. I’m looking forward to ensuring everyone in Harper has an enjoyable year where they can contribute and give back to the school, while also creating a great sense of pride for Harper House.

                • Rolleston House - Ruby Pledge

                  Hi everyone! My name is Ruby Pledge and I’m so excited and honoured to be your School Spirit Prefect for Rolleston this year. My job is to organise house events such as Lip-sync and Athletics Day. My goals for this year are to increase house spirit and, with the help of the other house prefects, increase the rivalry between all six houses. I also want Rolleston to have a fun and successful year and get as many people as I can involved in house events. So, be sure to make the most of your 2018, whether it’s your last year at Girls’ High or your first, and get involved with your house! Go Rolleston!!

                  • Selwyn House - Lily Sawyer

                    Selwyn House Spirit Prefect is my role for 2018. Like all the house prefects my role is to increase the house spirit between the 6 houses through house events including Lip-sync, Athletics Day and other house themed activities organised by myself and my committee throughout the year. House events are extremely fun and competitive and I encourage everyone to get involved with these events and make the most out of them.


                    • Sheppard House - Nellie Evison

                      This year I am extremely excited to take on the role of Sheppard House Prefect. I believe that encouraging our girls to get involved in school events and immerse themselves in the competitive nature of these events is a way to get the most out of their experience at Christchurch Girls' High School / Te Kura o Hine Waiora. I want to create a more interconnected experience between year levels within our house and help our girls develop leadership skills for the future.

                      • International - Yuchen Luo

                        Hi my name is Yuchen and I am the International Prefect for 2018. My responsibility is to oversee and organise all the international events around the school such as the International Week and International Food Day with the school International Liaison. My aim for this year is to get everyone to experience the different cultures at Christchurch Girl's High School / Te Kura o Hine Waiora and I want to ensure all the students from overseas feel welcome and enjoy their time at CGHS!


                        • Student Liaison - Jessica Aitken

                          This year, I am the Student Liaison Prefect alongside Sarah Asmussen. Our job consists of welcoming the Year 9’s and new students into our school environment and culture, and ensuring that they make the most of and enjoy the rest of the year at CGHS. I hope that Sarah and I become leaders who are approachable, and help students to enjoy the rest of their time at CGHS.

                          • Student Liaison - Sarah Asmusson

                            I am the Student Liaison Prefect alongside Jess Aitken for 2018. In our roles, we want to make CGHS a welcoming and warm environment for all new students. My hope is that all students become immersed in the Girls’ High environment and thoroughly enjoy their time at CGHS. I am hoping that Jess and I are approachable leaders that anybody can come to with questions or queries.

                            • Pasifika - Ella-Rose Tanoa-Kell

                              As the Pasifika Prefect my role is to encourage all girls to join the Pasifika community and give it a go, whether it is being involved in Polyfest or wanting to learn more about the culture. My job is to support CGHS students in any way that I can so everyone feels welcomed and a part of a group.


                              • Whanau - Teghan Bain

                                Kia ora, my role for 2018 is Whanau Prefect. My role this year is to encourage my fellow peers to contribute to our Maori community within the school. As a part of my role I aim to provide a supporting and inviting community, as well as guide our young Maori women to embrace not only their own culture but to also embrace excellence, tradition and innovation in our school environment.


                                • Charities - Mila Inder

                                  Along with Julia, this year I am one of the Charities Prefects. We have many new ideas and plans for fundraising that will involve the Charities Committee and the wider school community. We will be supporting and fundraising for groups of people who are most in need and volunteering our time to help them too! We are really excited to get the year underway, it’s going to be a great year!

                                  • Charities - Julia Welsh

                                    As one of two Charities Prefects this year, Mila and I are striving to ensure that we maintain the standards set in previous years. Charities has and will always be a crucial part of Girls’ High culture, involving students from all year levels in different events, and reaching a wide range of groups and communities in need. We are both really looking forward to starting all of our endeavours this year, and hope to make this the best year for Charities at Girls’ High yet!


                                    • IT - Sarah Bealing

                                      As IT Prefect, I will be assisting the school community in their use of IT. This includes finishing the IT Help Website created by 2017's IT Prefect, having IT Helpdesk Sessions and running other initiatives with the IT Committee and Tech Angels. I aim to support users of IT so that they can get the most out of it.


                                      • Service - Maggie Copeland

                                        For 2018 I will be working alongside Cara Enright as a Service Prefect. As prefects, throughout the year we will be organising the Reader-writer Programme for students and Year 13 Teacher Assistants. The Reader-writer Programme we will be running ensures that we can give every student in all year levels the best opportunity to achieve their personal best academically.

                                        • Service - Cara Enright

                                          For 2018, Maggie Copeland and I will be the Service Prefects. As part of our leadership role we will organise the Year 13 Teacher Assistant’s Programme which will further advance the positive relationship between staff and students. I will also be involved in organising the Reader-writer Programme to ensure every student can achieve to their best capabilities. I am very excited about the roles Maggie and I will be involved in to further advance our school, and the personal roles I will take on as both a Year 13 student and a Prefect, to promote the CGHS values and the school ethos.

                                          • Academic - Lily Trotter

                                            As Academic Prefect, my goal is to bring enjoyment to academics. I believe if you are having fun it doesn't feel like work at all. By motivating and challenging girls academically, they will want to strive to be the best version of themselves. This year my role entails organising the Academic Committee and providing the school with excellent peer tutors, whilst promoting academic excellence throughout the school.


                                            • Cultural Music - Emily Gunn

                                              This year I am very excited about my role of Cultural Music Prefect. I am extremely passionate about this role as music is a huge part of my life and I am determined to incorporate it more into the school. Throughout the year I hope to organise showcase evenings and help new students get in involved with music groups.


                                              • Cultural Drama - Tomasin Patrick

                                                This year I am truly honored to be the Cultural Drama Prefect. This leadership role means a lot to me as I feel incredibly passionate about the Arts and the importance the Arts have in our society. I firmly believe that Art is a significant and valuable way to express ourselves hence why my goal as Prefect in 2018 is to encourage Christchurch Girls’ High to embrace drama so that our girls can develop confidence in speaking their minds in a creative or unique way and therefore are aware they have the freedom to do so.

                                                • Environment - Mya Cunningham

                                                  For 2018 my particular area of responsibility at school will be as Environment Prefect. I will form and lead a school environment group and together we will target environmental issues within the CGHS and wider community. It is my utmost goal this year to make innovative changes that will be sustained in future years. I believe there is huge potential for further development in the environmental aspect of our school and would love to see everyone getting involved in 2018.


                                                  • Publicity - Isabella Clarke

                                                    My name is Izzy Clarke and I am the Publicity Prefect for 2018. This role is about communication, making sure that all students and staff are informed of happenings within our school as well as informing parents and the wider public. This means I am involved with exciting events such as Pink Day, Open Day, and Prize Giving. I will help to organise them with the other prefects, design posters for them and photograph them to publicise CGHS this year. I am looking forward to improving on the communication within our school this year, and trying to become more innovative with our use of technology to effectively celebrate and advertise school life.

                                                    • Sport - Sophie White

                                                      My role in 2018 is Sport Prefect, alongside Sam Adams. Together, it is our responsibility to promote physical activity, encourage involvement in school sport and help organise sports events and activities throughout the year. This year, we not only hope to achieve maximum participation in social and competitive sport, but a greater spirit and support towards school sport. It is our goal to increase the encouragement of our teams at games and the presence of sport as a vital part of our school spirit. So, get out there, be active and support CGHS!

                                                      • Sport - Samantha Adams

                                                        Working alongside Sophie White, I will be one of your Sports Prefects for 2018. Sophie and I will work together throughout the year to continue to raise the profile of CGHS Sport and to get more girls actively involved whether that be socially or competitively. Together we will promote and encourage students to participate in all sporting activities happening at CGHS such as Athletics Day, Swimming Sports and lunch time games in the gym. Our main aspiration for 2018 is to build a stronger support system between sports by updating game times and publicising our sport through social media more, so everyone is aware of what is going on throughout the year. I cannot wait to see everybody out there, getting involved this year!