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    • 2019 What we did last year

      Term 4


      29th Time for summer reading

      Will it be a road trip or a beach vacation this year. Plenty of reading material to borrow.


      It's gone very quiet since the seniors left on Exam leave, however we are still getting a lot of attention for our current display - "Who is your favourite Youtuber". It's fair to say that the Library staff have learnt a lot about 'influencers' as a result!


      Halloween is coming soon. Time to dust off the cobwebs...errr, put on the cobwebs and show off our spooky books. The students had a lot of fun making our resident ghost, and I've noticed that many of our displayed books have already vanished after just a day ... spooky!

      It's World Vegetarian month and the lovely team at SAFE gave us posters and flyers about eating a plant-based diet. We put some of our favourite cookbooks on the display too.

      Term 3



      We have made a whole display around the new book 'Aurora Rising' by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. If you've never heard of these hugely popular YA writers then you might like to check out the books we have in the library. They are bestsellers and it's hard to keep them on the shelf. In fact Aurora went out on the very first day we made the display! #YAfantasyandsciencefictionisamazing


      Te wiki o te reo Māori

      Kia ora! To celebrate Maori Language week we have pulled out of our collection an amazing assortment of te reo books. Every year this collection grows as the language becomes more accessible to all. 


      War - we still study the wars, looking at events, people and places. Many fiction stories are set in one war or another.

      Afghanistan - always in the news with war and atrocities, but there are other parts of the country and they look very like NZ. Here is a chance to show off the literature (and it's a great collection) set in this beautiful, dangerous country.

      Booker Prize books - the best that are printed in the UK/Ireland each year make this highly pretigious list. We have so many from over the years, that we thought we would celebrate the announcement of the 2019 Booker Prize shortlist with a display of past winners. Check it out.


      22nd We are starting to see signs of spring, so we put up our 'Spring' books!

      15th August

      Lang Leav has  a huge following on Instagram for her wonderful poetry. All the books that were requested by the students are out...with the students, however we put up a display anyway!

      2nd August: A busy wet lunch time in the library. More students than seats!


      Week 2: Hosting International week events  - how many small, round sweets can you pick up with chopsticks in 1 minute!


      It is 100 years since the birth of both Sir Edmund Hillary and Colin McCahon were born. Both have contributed greatly to NZ and we celebrated with a display. The school also celebrated 50 years since the purchase of one of McCahon's paintings that hangs on the wall in the Administration block.


      Term 2


      19th Days of the week

      A chance to put together all the books that have 'week' in the title, or that refer to a particular day!

      17th BOOKWEEK

      We are celebrating Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales.

      Our pillars have become trees, we issue through the dragon and all around there myths and legends from different cultures. The harsh overhead lights are muted and the standard lamps are creating a much more gentle atmosphere.



      Decades: Time for Decades study with the Y10s and History with the Y12/13's. The distant past - all the way to 1920!

      Book to Movie: We have so many of these in the library. It seems as though all the best stories are snapped up by Hollywood and (sometimes successfully) made into a blockbuster. It took our library team minutes to fill the display with a book and it's matching film!


      Samoan Language week - we spent a week saying "Talofa" and put up some great pictures of the islands.

      Aliens vs. Faeries - we put this display up, and had fun doing it, but then realised that we don't really have that many books with just aliens or just faires in them! The challenge was on and the students found all sorts of interesting titles.

      So many things happening at the end of Term 1.

      Anzac Day falls in the holiday break, but we will not forget...

      Cultures meet

      We have some great reading about other people, other parts of the world. Step into another life through a book (the student librarians made the amazing decoration for this display).

      Apr 1st

      It was 100 years ago that the students thinking of attending CGHS in 1919 picked up a Prospectus. Inside was everything they needed to know about classes, teachers, uniform, getting to and from school, fees etc. The big differences were: 428 pupils, 23 teachers, situated at Cranmer Square and classes included Typewriting! We included a hat to remind current students how lucky they are that hats are no longer compulsory uniform.


      Mar 5th

      Lots happening, in the same space, all at once, in a 'quiet' lunchtime.


      Feb 28th

      "Time for a story". The 12 books around the clock have two things in in common: they feature a number from 1 to 12; they are in the library for you to borrow. It makes for a great display and the librarians had to use lots of teamwork skills to do it!

      Feb 20th.

      We celebrate NZ writers from our Senior and Junior Fiction collections.

      Feb 15th.

      Taking care of yourself is a very important thing to do. We have a great collection of books that will give you ideas, tips and tricks as you navigate the teen years. Our latest addition to the collection is from an NZ author, Joy Sylvia, called 'Dealing with the crap'.

      Feb 14th.

      Yes, Valentines Day say a sea of pink at CGHS. We have so many books about love and relationships in this library that we were spoilt for choice for our display.

      But wait....not everyone was celebrating love on the 14th. So we put up another display...