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    To search the catalogue or reserve a book - Onstream > Students > Library Catalogue.

    To reserve you will need to know the password - just ask us at the desk.

    If you wish to join our great Student Librarians team for 2017 please come and see Mrs Earnshaw.

    • New books and Reserving

      • New books are displayed on the big red shelves near Mrs Earnshaw's desk.
      • DVD's are displayed at the top of the DVD shelves. DVD's are loaned for one week.
      • Favourite reads  - sometimes it's hard to find a book just like the last good one you read. To help we have created 'if you like' lists, see "Extend Your Reading"
      • Reserving books is easy - just ask us at the issue desk. You can learn how to do this from your own computer 24/7 through our online catalogue, just ask.

      • 2017 Events

        Scroll through our events to see what is happening in our school library.


        Anzac Day happens while we are on Easter break. To commemorate this occasion, our student library volunteers have put up a stunning display in the library.


        31st Sci Fi and Dystopia

        These books are our most borrowed genres. Think 'Hunger Games' and 'Divergent' and you'll get Dystopia. It's our world, but life has different rules. Sci-Fi is technology in our world or in space that we haven't yet invented but could happen. Often these books have some elements we recognise like cryogenics and gene therapy. Both these genres differ from Fantasy as the magical element is missing.

        9th Jane Austen

        Jane Austen is one of Mrs Earnshaw's favourite authors. If you haven't tried these classics, they come very well recommended. Or try a spin off like 'Langbourn' or 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'! 


        17th New Book and Dystopia

        Two displays to help you find new books. We set the displays up but before we could photograph them, many of the books were borrowed. I would say that is a sign of success!


        14th Valentine's Day and for those in the mood we have love stories on offer.

        9th - The start of term and the library is humming with life. We are sharing our space with the Y13's as their common room is being used for other things. It's impressive to see how they settle and work together. 



        New Year... new books... old comfortable library. You are all welcome!

        • Databases, Searching & Research

          Databases, Searching & Research 


          Epic by name, epic by nature. This is the first place to try. You will need a user name and password - collect these from the library - a brilliant resource!

          Google Scholar will save you from 10 million hits with no information. Use it for articles that you can cite. It will bring up Wikipedia but you don't have to use that site!

          INNZ. For journals and newspapers e.g. The Press. No password needed.

          A link to the Teen page at Christchurch City Libraries. Lots of topics with lots of answers to the many questions you may have.

          Te Ara. A wonderful collection of NZ information including 3,000 biographies of famous New Zealanders. Worth checking out just for the pictures. No password needed.


          Help with your homework Real time, real people 1-6pm weekdays online

          A Metasearch engine that will bring you results in various formats such as images, video, news. It may have sites that Google doesn't show.


          • Researching online: Live Binders

            Remember EPIC- try the link on the RHS

            Check out these Livebinders - there may be a binder of websites about your research topic! For example Maori, Expressionist artists.....



          • Links and fun websites

            Links about books:

            Links to entertain:

            • eBooks


              Why not give it a try? We have a great range online and it's:                    

              • Easy
              • Free
              • Automatic returns
              To get our eBook page, click on the picture.


              Just sign into  Onstream - Students - Library catalogue  or cghs.wheelers.co           

              Learning to read on print or digital. What is your view?

              See what Kristin has to say at Nerdy Book Club




               eBook APP 


              • Search for Wheelers eBooks on your smart phone
              • Select install
              • Search for Christchurch Girls’ High School eBooks
              • Logon using your school sign on
              • Browse and borrow your eBook
              • Your book is issued for three weeks
              • It will automatically return itself for the next borrower

              • Extend your reading

                If you like...

                Click on the title to take you to some great suggestions:

                Love stories - all about love in a teenage world (plus a favourite classic story)

                The Hunger Games - dystopia (the world as we know it, but new societies)

                The Hobbit - fantasy (different worlds, dragons, magic)

                I am not Esther - realistic (relationships, everyday life)

                The Fault in Our Stars - illness (relationships, family)

                Reading around the world - Seniors

                Try using this:  A search engine that tells you what authors you’ll enjoy based on similarities in style, tone and topic to your favorites - Try it with John Green and see what comes up!

                • Student Librarians


                  Term 1.


                  A very successful term. Most of our new team are almost at badge ready and today we gave out lots of badges at all levels. Congratulations and a huge thanks for all the flowers you've made. There will be more to come next term!


                  We are very pleased to announce that our Head Librarian for 2017 is Magdeline Huang and our Deputy Head Librarian is Lizzie Song. They will lead a great team.

                  We have a huge team of more than 50 volunteers who help out during the week. If you are one of them, and reading this, thanks! We have such fun and really appreciate your input and help. Not only that, but you are gaining service hours, so don't forget to get us to sign your sheets.

                  Book week is coming up in Term 2 (week 3) and we are making the decorations for this huge library. There are still lots to make, so roll up your sleeves and get into it!


                  Term 4.

                  We are still fully operational until exam time and would love your help. If you are working towards a blue/white/red badge than your duty time this term will count towards your year of service. Come and sign in as usual.Thanks.

                  Term 3.

                  Thanks for all your help through the term. It was a busy one and you did so much to help the library tick along, from putting up your own displays to sorting out the mess created by a busy class visit.

                  Term 2.

                  Librarian's morning tea

                  Celebrating a term of hard work and fun, the librarians brought along food to share and had a rare meet-up. With 52 in the team, it is a juggling act to pick a time when everyone can come, so we were pleased to see so many of you last Tuesday. Thanks for all your work with the library activities - there was a huge range of things that needed your help and you rose to the occasion.


                  We are deep in the heart of Bookweek as I write. What a mess...I mean what fun, the library is today. I am loving all the activity, the laughter and the feedback. Assembly tomorrow and I get to see your costumes. Here are some photos.


                  April 2016.

                  We gathered 26 of our 56 librarians together this morning (the rest were on field trips) and awarded badges and certificates. Well done to everyone who has been part of our Term 1 team and thank you for your help.




                  • 2016 Events


                    September & October, 2016.

                    31 October

                    Thank you Y13 pranksters! You made us smile first thing this morning, but it might take us a week to put the fiction back the right way round!


                    Halloween - colour in and win a spooky new book by Michelle Paver.

                      and the winner is...  wonderful!

                    21 October

                    Y9 are doing Astronomy/Space as their topic this term. Our display has books they can use in addition to their online research.


                    and the view from inside the black hole looks like this:

                    During the holidays everything was shifted out of the library for an Antiques fair. It makes the library look very different.


                    Here is a snapshot of the library during a busy lunchtime in September:


                    August, 2016

                    26 August: International Poetry Day

                    We have been putting together some spine poetry to celebrate. It's great fun and if you want to join in, just drop into the library.


                    17 August: Alison Harper Shakespeare Competition

                    Wonderful words from the bards, performed brilliantly by our junior orators.

                    8 - 19 August - Olympics

                    We are bringing the PE into the library! We have many sporting students at CGHS and who knows, we might be watching one of them in 2020.

                    1-5 August - International Week


                    July, 2016

                    5 July

                    Our knitting group goes from strength to strength. Miss Rattray is running a drop-in learn-to-knit  session every Tuesday lunchtime through Terms 2 & 3. Needles and wool provided and plenty of expert assistance to get you started.

                    1 July

                    During Term 2 we have been hosting a weekly sign language class. Students are from all year levels and there is a lot of laughter. This photo is the class playing chinese whispers in sign language - Maria gives the first student in each team a sign to pass on, they turn and sign it to the next person. It was a race and keenly contested.

                    A new class is starting up in Term Three on Tuesday afternoon while the existing class continues on Thursdays. If you want to join in the new group, call into the library or the office and find out more. Many of our students are using this for their Duke of Ed.

                    1 July

                    The results of the 2016 Mavis Atkinson Drawing competition are on display in the library. The pictures illustrate the amazing talent of our students. Drop in and have a look - the display is attracting a lot of attention.

                    June, 2016

                    27 June

                    The annual Waitaki debate was hosted in the library. The moot was: This House believes that children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones and Waitaki won.

                    14 June

                    School Spirit reaches the Library...... and there will be more to come. Watch this space!                                

                    Matariki is here - time to celebrate the Maori New Year and the appearance of the Seven Sisters star constellation in the night sky. Also we have a great display of Time Travel books. Remember, the only person who doesn't need to back up his computer files is the Doctor........... Who?


                    It's BOOKWEEK (Week 5 of Term 2)

                    A merry mess and hive of activity in the library. Here are some recent photos.



                    May, 2016

                    26 May.

                    Question: How do you get a whole orchestra into a library for Open Day? Answer: Easily - what fun!

                    10 May. House Prefects Quiz. A huge number of students squeezed into the library at lunchtime to join in a fun quiz organised by the House Prefects. Teams sat around tables scribbling their answers furiously. Just how they came and went and enjoyed themselves in such little time is a mystery as the library was left as clean as a whistle with all the tables in place for the afternoon classes. Thanks for the fun.


                    April, 2016

                    15 April. Anzac Day falls in the school holidays this year, so our display is going up early and coming down a little later than usual. We will remember them.

                    11 April. The Mavis Atkinson Drawing Competition is being held earlier this year to avoid a clash with exams for the seniors. This year students are invited to draw a cicada and two examples are on display in the library with a microscope. They attract a lot of visitors.

                    7 April. The library hosted the 2016 Alison Harper Shakespeare competition. Students presented scenes from Shakespearean plays as solos or pairs and read extracts from David Copperfield. Congratulations to the winners and thank you for the entertainment.


                    March, 2016

                    22 March. It is the time of year when the Universities visit us to inform and promote and for big groups, we use the library as gathering spot. Today we were visited by the University of Canterbury.


                    17 March. We dressed the issues desk up in green to support the Irish on their National Day. We rather like the results and maybe we should have more colour days to brighten up our library. It has made finding the returns slot a little tricky!


                    We've been promoting eBooks - if you have an electronic reader (laptop, tablet, phone etc) then it is easy. Simply sign in with your CGHS password to this site and follow the instructions. We have some great titles including "If I stay" and "Divergent".

                    eBooks automatically return after 3 weeks so you don't even need to come to the library to borrow/return, however we are happy to help you get started if you have any questions.


                    February, 2016

                    Chinese New Year was celebrated with a display around our Chinese Book Collection.