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    Hall Applications Reference Request

    Halls of Residence applications require CGHS to complete a personal reference. To request a reference and to ensure this reference goes to your chosen university(ies) you must complete the CCRF form (Click the link below to access) . 

    You only need to do this once as the reference will go to all universities selected.

    Note: Once this has been completed you then have to apply for specific Halls with each respective university.

    Reference request and Hall application must be completed by Friday 11 August.

    If your chosen institution is not listed you must contact that institution directly. 


    The following links will take your to the Halls of Residence application pages (Click on the image):









    • Scholarships -givME Website

      givME (Formally known as Breakout) has information on over 4000 scholarships available for tertiary study. Click on the image below to visit the Breakout website - you will need you CCC Library membership number and have a PIN to login.

      • Halls of Residence, Scholarship & Testimonial Applications

        To enable us to provide you with a comprehensive Testimonial and also if you are intending to apply for a Halls of Residence or Tertiary Scholarship you must click on the link below and complete the application form.

        Applications must be completed by Friday 6 July