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Canterbury Secondary Schools' Road Race Results

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Canterbury Secondary Schools' Road Race Results
by CGHS Admin - Tuesday, 24 May 2016, 11:30 AM

We had a fabulous afternoon of results in the road race, held at the A&P Showgrounds. 

The U14 Girls' gained 1st team (top 4 places in team are considered)with a convincing win over St Margaret's in second place.

Lili Ovendale - 2nd place 11.10

Emilie Brunton - 4th place, 11.17

Lucy Kokich - 5th place, 11.25

Olivia Kikstra - 8th place 11.52

Sophie Hill - 9th place 11.55

Aria Carroll -27th place 12.58

In the Junior Girls event we had a very small field with only Brynlea Pain competing. She gained 13th place with a time of 12.12.
The U16 Girls' gained 1st team with a convincing lead over Cashmere who were placed 2nd.
Lily Trotter 1st - 10.36
Amelia Persson 2nd - 10.39
Akeira Worthington 3rd - 10.54
Hannah Bates 16th - 12.43
Esme Maillard 17th - 12.55
Emily Murray 24th - 13.24
Well done to all!