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Gold Duke of Ed students out and about

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Gold Duke of Ed students out and about
by CGHS Admin - Monday, 8 August 2016, 12:54 PM

Being involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award really does live up to its slogan, Take your life to a new level. 

Sophie Gray, in photo of abseiling, went on a trip to the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre to complete her residential project for Gold Duke of Edinburgh. It was a 5 day camp which was all about making new friends and learning leadership skills for all situations. 

Marina Vivas and Portia McArthur-Beadle, in photo of making a path, were involved in a residential project at Cue Haven in the Kaipara Harbour. There were amazing people there who made the whole experience so fun and extremely enjoyable. Over the five days we felt we had accomplished so much as we were working hard while also amusing ourselves. Our main focus was to repair the multiple paths of the reservation area, and bring the property up to an amazing standard for the open day which was being held a few weeks later.