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Peter Gaspar shares his story

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Peter Gaspar shares his story
by Liz McDowell - Sunday, 3 September 2017, 1:22 PM

Peter Gaspar visited CGHS on Thursday and addressed 100 spell-bound students on his experiences surviving the Holocaust in Czechoslovakia. As a boy, he endured years in hiding and a concentration camp. Hearing him speak was an uplifting experience as he emphasised the brave and good people who risked their lives to save his family. His motivation to share his story is to encourage us all to be ‘upstanders’ rather than bystanders and to have the ‘courage to care’. We were presented with a framed certificate to acknowledge that a tree has been planted in Israel in the name of Christchurch Girls' High School in appreciation of our participation in the Holocaust Outreach Education Programme.

Some lasting impressions from students:

It was a very touching experience and amazing to hear from a real Holocaust survivor in front of you who actually lived through it.

Listening to him talk makes us realise how valuable we all really are.

We are very grateful to have had the upbringing and childhood that we were all given as many children as young as Peter Gaspar had to suffer so much.

I believe meeting Peter will have influenced the decisions I make from now on. I will attempt to never be a bystander myself.