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5 Degrees, Freezing Wind, Driving Rain and Heaps of Fun!!!

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5 Degrees, Freezing Wind, Driving Rain and Heaps of Fun!!!
by Liz McDowell - Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 8:38 AM


On Monday 18th September, CGHS sent two teams of eight, consisting of Year 9 and 10 students, to the Hillary Outdoor's GET2GO Challenge. Teams undertook four 60 minute challenges. To maximise their scores in each task, teams were required to work together using important team skills such as communication, problem solving, planning and decision making. This year the challenges consisted of four activities including mountain biking, rafting, problem solving, and navigational orienteering!

Despite the chilly, wet weather it was an enjoyable and muddy day! All of the girls had a lot of fun problem solving and running around the Groynes orienteering. Over at Lake Roto Kohatu everyone had a blast negotiating a rafting course and participating in the compulsory swim in the freezing water. The day was completed by getting extremely dirty in the mountain biking challenge that comprised of a multi-lap relay race! Overall the day was very fun, muddy, cold but just great to get out there and compete!                     By Aria Carroll

We had an absolute blast! It was a great opportunity to get outside, have some fun and learn new things. To anyone who loves the outdoors or trying new things I highly recommend giving this a go!
By Harriet Rowse
CGHS 2: 11th/21 teams, 1st all girls team
CGHS 1: 13th/21 teams, 2nd all girls team