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2021 Start Dates

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2021 Start Dates
by Michelle Pinkney - Thursday, 28 January 2021, 2:10 PM

Start Dates for 2021  

MONDAY, 25 JANUARY Office Opens for Enquiries 

FRIDAY, 29 JANUARY New Staff Orientation 

Peer Support Leader Training 

Week 1 School runs from 9am-2.40pm 

MONDAY, 1 FEBRUARY Year 10-13 New Student and International Student Orientation, 11.30am-2.40pm Day 1 for Staff 

TUESDAY, 2 FEBRUARY Year 9 Orientation and Year 13 Prefects only, 9am-2.40pm Year 13 Peer Support Leaders  

Sports and Cultural Roadshow 

WEDNESDAY, 3 FEBRUARY Year 9 Orientation, 9am-2.40pm 

Years 11-13 Orientation 

Year 11, 9am-10.30am 

Year 12, 11am-12.30pm 

Year 13, 1pm-2.30pm 

Sports and Cultural Roadshow 

THURSDAY, 4 FEBRUARY Year 9 Orientation, 9am-2.40pm 

Year 10 Orientation, 9am-2.40pm 

Year 13 Peer Support Leaders 

Sports and Cultural Roadshow 

Year 9 Parent Evening, 5.30pm 


The office is closed on this day 

Week 2 School runs on normal times from 8.30am-2.40pm 

MONDAY, 8 FEBRUARY Waitangi Day Observed 

TUESDAY, 9 FEBRUARY All Years Extended Ako Time (Timetables) 


Timetabled Classes from Period 3