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Winning Ways To Wellbeing File Five Winning Ways To Wellbeing

Its important to maintain a balanced lifestyle. One simple way to do this is to remember to look for examples of the five winning ways to wellbeing in your daily life.
1. Take time out to connect with friends and whānau
2. Give support to your peers, set up group study sessions
3. Take notice of the world around you for a moment, practice some mindfulness
4. Keep learning, take a short break from study and try something new
5. Be active, regular exercise is essential during exam time

File GREAT Ways to Wellbeing
Managing Exam Stress File Exam Stress Info Booklet
If you are feeling anxious about upcoming exams this is normal! Take the time to check out this helpful information booklet to ensure you are managing the extra stress effectively. If its all feeling like its getting too much, talk to someone! Good luck for the rest of the year! 
File Exam Stress Workbook
File Study Session Planner
File Weekly Study Planner
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Youth Wellbeing File Manage Your Mood
URL Guidelines for Better Sleep
URL Anxiety & the Fight or Flight Response

Have you ever wanted to know what happens to your body when you experience high anxiety?

URL What is a panic attack?
URL Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Attacks
File Ten Tips to Stress Less
File 30 Ways to De-stress
File More tips for Managing Stress