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  • COVID Timetable 2022

    • Bring Your Own Device

      BYOD is where students are encouraged to bring a computer which meets the recommended specifications to class. This could be a computer they already own.  All students are strongly encouraged to embrace our BYOD pollicy and can expect to use their device in most classes, most of the time. 

      This also means that any student-owned internet capable device can be used to access the internet through the school’s robust wireless network, with the teacher’s permission, while students are in class.

      Throughout the year, teachers will be utilising BYOD in their lesson planning to give students access to a wide range of new and exciting learning possibilities which help to raise student achievement. By encouraging BYOD access to the wireless network we can dramatically increase access to the wide range of learning opportunities afforded by the internet. 

      Students are strongly encouraged to bring their device to school each day, but they should not expect each of their teachers to utilise that device in every lesson. The device will be treated like any other learning resource and will only be utilised when it will aid student engagement and learning in a particular task.

      Before a student can connect to the CGHS wireless network they must first agree to, and sign, the CGHS BYOD  and Responsible Use Agreements. This agreement clearly outlines the responsibilities of the school regarding access to the internet, and the responsibilities of the student to agree to use the school wireless network to access the internet, and take responsibility for the security of their device. Existing CGHS students will also be provided with this agreement at the start of the school year.

      For more information about the type of device that your daughter may find beneficial to her learning then please refer to the information sheet below.



    • PTA

      The PTA is active in providing a link between staff, parents and the Board of Trustees. The committee meets monthly, usually the first Monday of the month, and assists the Principal and teachers when required with various functions at the school. Click on the logo above to go directly to the PTA page!

      • Contacting CGHS

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