Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    To engage all students in mathematically enriching activities to equip them with the skills they will need for the future.  Being equipped means having the confidence and willingness to solve mathematical problems and the skills necessary to do so.

    • Real Life Maths

      • Curriculum Levels in Mathematics

        The Mathematics Department have adopted curriculum levels to organise and deliver content to students.  Students will be given work appropriate to their ability and they will receive feedback on how they are progressing in relation to curriculum levels.  The  levels are broadly summarised as;

                        Year 9   Curriculum Levels 3 – 5

                        Year 10 Curriculum Levels 4 – 6

                        Year 11 Curriculum Levels 5 – 6

                        Year 12 Curriculum Level 7

                        Year 13 Curriculum Level 8

        • A Good Mathematics Student Will

          • Arrive in class, ready to learn with all the necessary equipment.  Keep books neat and presentable
          • Listen carefully to instructions
          • Record notes and examples neatly
          • Ask questions and check they understand the concepts
          • Complete set tasks in class
          • Work well with other students and contribute is class discussions
          • Keep up to date with homework and hand it in on time
          • Regularly review notes and exercises
          • Prepare for assessments by studying
          • Take onboard feedback to improve understanding and knowledge
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