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Senior Alison Harper Competition

Picture of Michelle Pinkney
Senior Alison Harper Competition
by Michelle Pinkney - Friday, 13 April 2018, 2:44 PM

Today the annual Senior Alison Harper Competition was held. Participants perform a Shakespearean monologue of their choice as well as an excerpt from another text which they are given an hour before the competition. This year's passages were from short stories by New Zealand author, Katherine Mansfield.

Congratulations to Grace Prodanov, Year 12, who won with her portrayal of Queen Mary from Henry VI and her depiction of the short story, Bliss.

Emily Gunn from Year 13 was the runner up with Portia's speech from Merchant of Venice and her passage from the short story, Daughters of the Late Colonel.

Well done to all the competitors for their exceptional performances.